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This website is for getting a deeper understanding for the teachings shared in class/workshops on your own time without any constraints or distractions, to build community and get to know one another more personally, as well as find where I will be teaching next... Namaste!



The purest translation/definition of Yoga that I have found is "the yoking of the individual self or Atman to the Supreme Consciousness or Brahman", this means that Yoga is our connection to Nature, our re-membering with our most natural self. Being that we all see the world from different perspectives that can mean so many different things, and I am fine with that. To me what is important in the practice isn't dogma, right or wrong thinking or trying to make something as fluid as self, the universe or our individual/collective conscious fit into one box. Yoga is being present in the midst of Cosmic Flow and Universal Justice. Yoga to me is on and off the mat, in mediation, in eating, in love making even in cleaning your bathroom! Yoga transcends the hour or two we spend on our mats in the morning, Yoga is a way of life and from my studies this is what I'll share here on the classical perspective of this subject...

There our four types of Yoga:

1. Karma Yoga

2. Bhakti Yoga

3. Jnana Yoga

4. Raja Yoga


The fourth Yoga, Raja yoga is also known as Ashtanga Yoga, or the 8 limb path. This is where the yoga we mainly practice today is derived. 

These 8 limbs consist of;

1. Yamas

2. Niyamas

3. Asana

4. Pranayama

5. Pratyahara

6. Dharana

7.  Dhyana

8. Samadhi


Through these practices we can move in to a state of yoga (union) with ourselves, our community and ultimately the divine, however you see her/they/him or it. Yoga also very much so serves as a practical practice in the service of physical/mental/emotional health.


Some of the many benefits include but are not limited to;

1. Reduce Stress

2. Sleep Better

3. Boost Libido

4. Increase Energy Levels

5. Improve Mental Agility & Acuity

6. Improve Strength, Flexibility & Stamina

7. Increase Self-Awareness (Physically/Mentally)


-Oh! And, Radiate The Illuminating Glorious Light 

of Goddess Ma Kali As You Enter Into Abundant Love!


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