Shuja De'Peace

This website is for getting a deeper understanding for the teachings shared in class/workshops on your own time without any constraints or distractions, to build community and get to know one another more personally, as well as find where I will be teaching next... Namaste!

The Lions Den AShram

"Yoga without compromise"

To understand the Ashram, how it was born and what it stands for, these three words best sum it up... Yoga without compromise. We have been practicing, studying and teaching yoga for years sometimes in gyms, sometimes in studios, corporate settings, community organizing circles you name it we have shared this practice there. Something that we have realized along the way is that no matter where we have taught there has been policies, space limitations, politics, bottom lines or simply another class starting right after ours and it has put restraint on the practice, a practice that extends way beyond the hour or so that we spend on our mat. Capitalism and the bureaucracy of yoga business has unfortunately stolen some of the potency and roots of this practice that we love, but we have a solution. 

If you want something done right, do it yourself.

Now that you know what we aren't let us tell you what we ARE!



What you put into your body is just as important if not more important than what you do with your body or what you spend your time filling your mind with. Nourishment for your temple is always an option after practice to refuel your body but also as a way to bring our community together.



From lectures and workshops to 60 minute asana practice and meditations we have committed this space to be your destination to deepen your understanding of these practices we hold dear and the space where you can experience the YOG of Yoga.

Reiki + Massage

Within us lies the medicine to cure the world. We literally have everything we need inherently inside and moving through us. Reiki and massage have been the means to heal in indigenous cultures since the beginning of time. "Through his touch they were healed..." Biblical examples, Vedic, Islamic, Buddhist and so many other paths have tried to remind us of this super NATURAL power/ability we possess. 

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