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Therapeutic Touch & Embodiment Experience

When we are touched in a therapeutic & compassionate way that honors our consent levels of the stress chemical cortisol are reduced and levels of oxytocin increase. Oxytocin promotes feel good sensations that foster a sense of well-being and happiness and helps humans feel trust and connection to one another. When we are touched in this way our sense of belonging in our bodies and with one another here on this planet is supported and strengthened.

It is okay to want to be touched, we live in a society deprived of touch, suffering from skin hunger. A lack of touch can make us feel very lonely, depressed, anxious, ill and even aggressive and angry at the world. We directly confront this need in our playshop ‘Touch’. You deserve it! Luxuriate in decadent soundscapes and aromatherapy on a sensual vacation through community building, embodied flow, restorative asana, hands on assist, adjustments, massage, craniosacral & Reiki. Touch is topped with Yoga Nidra, a guided journey into the yogic sleep that will bring restoration and peace to your body/mind.

What happens physically when we are touched:
When our skin is touched it stimulates a network of touch receptors that register the kind of touch being received. These receptors then send information to a series of neurons that travel throughout the nervous system until it reaches the brain. The brain can then process how we are being touched and can send messages back to the body about whether that touch is something we want to continue feeling or not.

Constant, normalized pain and discomfort in the body is exhausting to our physical systems and our mental and emotional selves. Feeling good in our bodies is life giving. This evening of embodiment & touch will offer you the opportunity to soften some of those places of tension, and give nourishing care to anywhere that is sore or tender.

About the facilitators:

Emily Pugh

Emily began her journey into bodywork just over 10 years ago when she realized how desperately she needed to feel at ease and present in her own body. She began her journey with Swedish and Deep tissue massage, integrated in Myofascial Release techniques, Upledger CranialSacral Therapy and Energy Medicine work that laid a foundation for deep presence, spacious awareness and a compassionate intuitive touch. When she connects with another body, the tissues and nervous system have support and resource to unwind and rediscover their own unique sense of harmony and attunement. She is a huge advocate for dance and uses embodiment as a tool for liberation both within the tissues and for the spirit. Her intention is to facilitate deep ease, rejuvenation and a felt sense of belonging in our human bodies through embodiment practice and safe compassionate touch.

Shuja De'Peace

Shuja is long time movement and meditation student with emphases on energy healing through deep understanding and application of energetic anatomy, Nada Yoga and Reiki. His love for alternative healing arts has led him to Thai massage, traditional Chinese medicine, Holotropic Breathwork, Qi Gong and other indigenous healing modalities. After surviving 2 motorcycle accidents, a rear end collision and told he would never be able to participate in any high impact movement he poured himself into studying fascia and strategies in which it can be released and prompted into health to create freedom from pain and broader range of motion for his own body and the bodies of those he works with. Shuja currently works as a national facilitator of Yoga Behind Bars' Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training, leads mens work through the Brotherhood Community and shares his love for the art and science of Yoga locally and abroad.

We use a tiered pricing structure to support the equity movement towards just economics.

*Community rate (discounted)

Sustaining Rate (covers yourself)

Supported/Community Rate (covers yourself & others)

*If this is not affordable to you please email (no one will be turned away for lack of funds)
**Further donations are welcome

This experience will be capped at the first 12 participants that register to ensure we can guarantee the quality of attention that will be in service to your best experience.

There our four stairs to access the space we will hold the event
You are welcome to three Gender neutral bathrooms
Yummy snacks will be provided
Childcare is not
Some of the buses running to this house are the #44 and the #5

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