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Beat The Winter - Enjoy Del Sol: Rincon, Puerto Rico

Rediscover your GREATness!


Come to Puerto Rico (PR) to rediscover the magic that lives within you, then bring that same greatness with you back to your home, your work, your family! In this tropical oasis, wrapped up in love, safety, glorious views and the space to simply be, Yoga on and off the mat comes naturally here. From November 24th - 29th, we will bask in 6 sunny days of adventure, rejuvenation, connection and ignite the transformational fire that lives within you! Our adventures, relaxation times service time and catered meals are your opportunities to discover, laugh, restore, refresh and wonder while away on this tropical retreat, During the depressing PNW winter, this is what your body-mind needs! Soak up a lions share of Vitamin D and recharge your battery by loving your body, awakening your senses, listening to your heart, vibing with nature and planting the seeds of new and lasting relationships!



As you may know, PR has seen better days than late, but it has also seen a lot worse! The resilience of the PR people, a mixture of the indigenous Tainos, African and Spanish people is nothing short of amazing! On this retreat we are going to practice as much Karma Yoga (the Yoga of Selfless Service in Devotion to GOOD) as we do Bhakti or Raja Yoga with the honor of working with this community to build up a local orphanage, visit a local village to provide water, supplies and connect in the spirit of Metta (loving kindness) and of course we will take time for ourselves letting this deeper act of Love reflect what it may.


On this retreat we are going to practice as much Karma Yoga (the Yoga of Selfless Service in Devotion to GOOD) as we do Bhakti or Raja Yoga with the honor of working with this community to build up a local orphanage, visit a local village to provide water, supplies and connect in the spirit of Metta (loving kindness) and of course we will take time for ourselves letting this deeper act of Love reflect what it may. 

These acts of Seva will be co-led by Puerto Rico native Grisselle and her husband Steve the owners of our retreat center who've been acting in service projects since the hurricane.



Shuja’s passion and thirst for self development, fitness, philosophy and spirituality has taken his studies all around the world from the teachings of India’s Yogananda to the great philosophies of Ancient Egypt and Neo Revolutionaries here in the states such as Tony Robbins and Huey P. Newton! Most recently he has been supporting and shaping the next generation of yoga teachers through mentoring and leading in yoga teacher training. He holds a Master Certification through International Sports Science Association and is trained in evidence based Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teaching through the Trauma Center TSY & Yoga Behind Bars where he is an active volunteer.

Shuja has a natural gift for igniting both the smiles and Agni (fire) in his students which he achieves with his masterful blend of humor and lightheartedness coupled with supporting and co-creating connection between Mind, Body and Spirit. Shuja will meet you exactly where you are at and then challenge you to breathe through your individual edge empowering you to grow beyond the perceived limitations of your mind.






Who are we even trying to kid? We all know that food is the most important part of retreat! ;)

What you put in IS what you get out! Evelyn Johnston our guest plant based chef will be using only the best high quality, ethically sourced and organic ingredients to create the most mouth-watering, nourishing and delicious vegan dining experience at every meal.

Parties will definitely be happening in your mouth! Please notify us of any food allergies at registration and we will strive to accommodate you.












About Evelyn
Evelyn does with food what Picasso did with paint. Getting a sense of fulfillment from her cooking, each meal she creates with love and truly from her heart. She loves to see the smiles on peoples faces knowing just exactly what was used and knowing that it is healthy not just for your body but for the body of our planet. 




This is your time, your practice, your retreat. Use it to take care of you. We truly need nothing that exist outside or ourselves, within lie ALL THE ANSWERS! We have an inner knowing, a SOUL wisdom, this intuition wants us to be the BEST version of ourselves listen to that voice and take its lead. If you want to pass an outing or a class or feel like going to the beach to journal and be by yourself, do it! No questions asked. We will provide options, you recharge and recenter. Our adventures and leisure-time are invitations to play, restore, refresh, ignite, connect and wonder not obligations.

Your YOU-ness is on purpose, holy, sacred and interwoven with all life everywhere. The daily-grind- has a way of making us forget that. Under the Puerto Rican sun, you will be gifted the opportunity to remember your wholeness, sovereignty, oneness, and joy as you re-connect with and honor your body, nature, your senses, your heart all in your own unique way.

Here are some activities that will be able to support you in this:

Yoga, reading, meditation, swimming, journalling, surfing lessons, great conversations, dancing, sleeping on the beach, Buti, Waterfall hike, mantra, horseback riding, paddle boarding, swimming with tropical fish and of course yoga.



This life changing experience is an investment in yourself, time, money, energy. Space is limited. Secure your spot with a deposit of $300 then pay your balance in as little as $100 increments.

Full tuition is due on October 31. If you have any questions, food allergies or would like to upgrade to private room email Shuja at

Venmo(preferred method of payment): @shuja
CashApp: $ShujaDepeace
(checks and money orders are welcomed as well)

The cost listed below includes:

Transportation from BQN to Harmony Center and all retreat related adventures
All of your breakfasts and dinners prepared by private vegan chef
Two Drumming Circles
9 Yoga classes
8 Guided Meditations
Learn 6 new mantras
Surfing Lesson
Horseback ride
Waterfall tour
‘What is Tantra’ and ‘Nadis and Chakras’ Lectures
2 Hour Chakra Workshop

The Retreat Space:

Email for more information.



Your Dreams Await You

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Introduction to Yoga Philosophy
1:30 PM13:30

Introduction to Yoga Philosophy

Ever since I began my path on this journey of understanding self and connecting with the Divine I have so deeply desired to share every jewel, every nugget that I am privileged the opportunity to be blessed with. I remember sharing first with my closest community, my immediate family, lovers and eventually friends. Then it was my organizing community and spiritual circles while in retreat. Finally I put the work in to become a certified yoga instructor so I could bring what I longed to share inside of ashrams *cough* I mean studios as well... All that being said this workshop is SOOOOOO important to me! It is the first time I will be able to share freely and in the way I’d like to, the first one I am going to be able to have an entire 3 full hours to co-create magic, understanding and hopefully some new embodiment of these ancient practices that have become so dear to me!

If you want to learn more about this sacred path, process and/or way of being, have fun and create new relationships while doing so contact Ballard Health Club ( ‭+1 (206) 706-4882‬ ) and join me us in this journey! 

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